Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wildflower Linen: Setting the bar high for event decor

Yesterday I attended a 'Coordinators Only' meeting for the Association of Bridal Consultants OC Chapter. I knew it was going to be a fantastic one, as the topic was 'Color Trends and Combinations' and it was being hosted by Wildflower Linen. Wildflower has a reputation (and rightfully so) for creating some of the most luxurious and unique table and chair linens out there; so it was bound to be an inspiring afternoon that would send me on my way with endless creative ideas. I brought my camera along so you can witness the beauty that is Wildflower Linen:

The first thing you see when you walk into the studio, is a fantastic blinged-out 'W' on a fabric covered wall treatment. I love that even the walls are gorgeous !

More of the gorgeous showroom displays

This chair treatment was my favorite- so modern, clean, and chic!

Wildflower has taken chairs to a whole new level- they are literally works of art.

There was a tabletop display set up in the main showroom with an emphasis on the color platinum, which is huge this year. The florals are by Square Root- so lush!

Classic Party Rentals contributed the placesetting items and stemware, which really completed the whole 'Platinum Decadence' look

Youngsong Martin, who is the owner and creative genius behind Wildflower, was gracious enough to present her take on color trends for the year. She provided look boards with linen samples to emphasize her points; above is the 'Black is Back' board, as I dubbed it. Black and white mixed with bling will be big, according to her.

Another look board included inspiration from Africa- but not in a jungley way. More emphasis will be on the colors of the earth, as well as the textures and prints.

Last but not least, plaids are back to be incorporated in a more sophisticated 'Classic Chateau' palette; think cigar bar and textured linens with simple floral arrangements.

There were five different designs on display at each of the tables we sat at for lunch. I happened to sit at my favorite table, which presented a gorgeous black and white floral print linen with elegant yellow and black centerpieces. Very mod!

There was also a bright lilac/pinkish hued table, with dazzling orchids...

An eye-catching table with an orange and blue palette; very unique...

And a more natural table, with more subdued green linens and centerpieces incorporating succulents among other varying earthy flowers and plants.

Here is a sneak peek at the linens lining the walls in the showroom; you really must get out there to see them all yourselves. It is unreal- like a dream playground for event professionals!

See- even the walls are stunning!

Love these one-of a kind hi-boy linens. I was talking with a fellow planner, and we agreed that you could really wear most of the linens Wildflower offers, if you truly wanted to!

As if all the inspiration wasn't enough, we each got to take home an adorable mini-cupcake from Dots Cupcakes (perfect for favors; they even have a wide variety of boxes that you can choose from to give them in).


Anonymous said...

Great pics, Kerrie! Maybe I should finally get around to becoming a member- Ha! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the "Black is Back" board!

Anonymous said...

ohhh. we missed a great event. i'm with amanda...maybe it's time for d*lsh design to join it too. thanks for sharing!!!