Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jenner + Kyle, Huntington Beach Central Park Amphitheater and Library

The threat of rain did absolutely nothing to kill the mood on this joyous day. When I asked Jenner after discussing the weather forecast for the day, 'So, what do you think? Should we stay outside or move inside for the ceremony'? She looked at me and non-chalantly answered 'Outside. I'm sure everything will be fine'; and it was. More than just fine! It was a gorgeous fall day filled with the love of two people so excited to be starting their newest adventure together. I adore both Jenner and Kyle for their calm and relaxed attitudes and their quick wit- it was very apparent that they enjoyed the day with their many friends and family to the fullest. A big thank you goes to Crissy of Christine Farah Photography for stepping in to shoot the wedding for Sarah K. Chen (Sarah was VERY pregnant with the adorable Ellie, at the time).

We started the day in a fabulously appointed suite at tthe Hilton Waterfront- I loved all the blues in the decor!

Stepping outside of the box, I loved that Jenner had bridesMEN in her entourage. No rules these days when it comes to choosing those important people you wish to honor on your wedding day.

A special thanks to the following fabulous team:

Christine Farah Photography
Maria and the crew at Foscari Events (they made some killer vegan dishes for the dinner!)
Fly By Night Disc Jockeys
Photo Booth Xpress
The Hilton Waterfront

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