Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jenni + Tyson, to-be-wed

This is a very special post because I am so so SO excited for Jenni and Tyson's wedding on Saturday down in San Diego for the following three reasons (among many more, of course- but I'll spare you the entire list):
  1. Jenni is a good friend from college, and we shared some of the best times together having a blast in our sorority at UCSB
  2. Greg and I get to be GUESTS at the wedding!! Hooray! No working for me- just boogeying on the dance floor and catching up with all my friends sure to be in attendance
  3. I get to see John Schnack of Schnack Studios in action- since I'll be working with him on a fabulous wedding I just booked for this August at the La Costa Resort & Spa, it will be nice to meet him beforehand

In honor of their wedding this weekend, I wanted to give some love to the soon-to-be newlyweds- here's a sampling of their awesome engagement pictures (courtesy of Schnack Studios):

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