Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Casey + Kyle, Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards, Temecula

When Casey and Kyle met with me for our initial consultation back in July, we literally talked for hours. It was like seeing old friends that I hadn't talked to in awhile- there was just so much to catch up on, and so much to say! And besides the easy connection we all shared from the get-go, there were some pretty crazy coincidences; the strangest of which is that Casey's birthday is just a few days after mine, and Kyle's is a few days away from Greg's. Talking with them, it became very apparent that their relationship mirrored my own marriage on some many levels.

Needless to say- it was an easy fit bringing me on as their wedding coordinator. And personally, I couldn't have been more thrilled since they had an overwhelming abundance of creative ideas for their Big Day and an enthusiasm for the whole planning experience to match. So when Valentine's Day rolled around, I couldn't believe that all their planning and hard work was coming to fruition- their day had arrived!

Lucky for all of us, Tony Florez of Tony Florez Photography was there to document the day. Here are my favorites from the disc of images he was kind enough to pass along to me (thanks again, Tony!).

I loved that Casey had her florist incorporate an heirloom rosary into the design of her bouquet

She also had these super fun Betsey Johnson heels that she rocked under her wedding gown

Casey has the best smile!

Casey and 'her girls' (in their sassy black cocktail dresses)

Kyle and 'his guys'

Walking down the aisle with her daddy

These two were so overjoyed to finally be married- they literally boogied back down the aisle to the music

Thus was such a neat idea- Casey and Kyle provided paints and a blank canvas for their guest to decorate during the cocktail hour. They planned to hang the finished product in their home as their first piece of art.

The cocktail hour was held in the super intimate barrel room. I adore this space!

Before we opened up the doors to the ballroom, Casey and Kyle snuck in and got to take it all in. They also took a moment to exchange personal vows with one another at this time; it was a nice break from the action and very meaningful to the both of them.

Their cake was spectacular!! Sweet Gems did such a great job!

They worked with a choreographer to put together a high energy, ridiculously fun grand entrance dance. They literally krumped a one point- so classic seeing Casey in her elegant wedding gown, throwin' it down!

A special thanks to the following fabulous team:

Tony Florez Photography
The fabulous Peter Merry with Merry Weddings
Studio West Video
Standing Ovation Flowers
Reverend Clint Hufft
Design Visage
Sweet Gems
The wonderful team at the Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards


Joyful Weddings and Events said...

I love that they krumped!! So classic. And love that they took a moment to take everything in the reception room in and had personal vows. So sweet!

tammi l. said...

i am LOVING that shot in the barrel room!

and omg! I've been to Wilson's Creek before and had no idea you can turn it into such a beautiful canvas for a wedding. great job Kerrie!

Simply Modern Weddings said...

beautiful wedding Kerrie! I am in love with the antique rosary in the bouquet...such a sweet personal detail!