Friday, June 19, 2009

Kathy + Gregg, Revisited

Some more eye candy from Kathy and Gregg's charming wedding that blended both modern and rustic. Their Big Day still stands out in my mind as a highlight of the year- we had so much fun not only on the day of, but as we worked on the design as well. Thanks to Kathy for sending these my way, and the ever-fabulous (and soon to be mommy and daddy!) Gabriel and Carlie of gabriel.ryan.photographers for their artistic eye behind the camera.

Since the ceremony was to be held on the front porch of the French Estate, we wanted to incorporate the 'homey' vibe. What better way to do that than to hang a luscious wreath on the front door as the focal point? Thanks to Kristin from the Treasured Petal for her fabulous creativity on the floral design!

Kathy's bouquet was divine, lush, and delicate- all at once. The stems were wrapped in black ribbon, with an intricate lace overlay to add a vintage touch.

Kathy's face is priceless in this one!


The table cards were hung from an old bed spring that is incorporated into the Estate's garden with growing vines. Sounds crazy- but it was the perfect touch!

Quite possibly my favorite detail from the reception was the trellace that we chose to put the cake table under. Kristin adorned it with all different sizes and shapes of glass jars, some with flowers, some with votives. It turned simply magical at night- wait until you see the picture below...

The simple, yet chic and whimsical, centerpieces consisted of varying sizes of small arrangements and different height cylinders wrapped in adorable vellum- that glowed within from candles.

See what I mean? The cake table was truly fabulous!!

And K & G lived happily everafter...:)

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