Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wedding albums for everyone

There is no arguing with the fact that nothing beats a professionally designed wedding album. Photographers work hard to perfect the art of editing pictures and designing layouts that please the eye. And the feel of a genuine (and often higher in price) album can't be beat. I personally can't wait to see the album Derek Photography is putting together for my own wedding- I am sure it is going to be truly gorgeous.

One tip that I often pass along to clients, and used myself to make albums for both sets of our parents, is that there now exist several websites that allow you to create high quality coffee table books at a fraction of the price. If your photography package included the disc of images from your wedding, you can now design your own albums that turn out at a much more professional quality than a homemade scrapbook- which for a long time, was the only DIY option for saving wedding photos. Two great websites are, and If you have Power Point on your computer, you can really get creative with your layouts and design, and bypass using the templates the sites provide you with (I have some great instructions on how to do this; feeel free to e-mail if you would like me to pass them along). It does take some time and patience, but the end product is definitely worth it!

Here are a some of my favorite pages from the album I created in Power Point and printed using blurb:

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