Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hola from Barcelona!

We have had the most incredible time these past two weeks- and Barcelona was certainly an amazing way to end our journey. Some of the highlights since my last post...

Wandering the grounds at Versailles


Looking out onto Paris from the top of Notre Dame

Visiting Saint-Chapelle- my favorite religious landmark of them all. The top floor has the most intricate and colorful stained glass I have ever seen- so breathtaking!

Sunset over Paris from the top of the Arc de Triomphe

Walking through the many parks in Paris- this one happened to be Parc Monceau, near our hotel

Finally getting near the Eiffel Tower

Our first day in Barcelona- we made our way down La Rambla right outside our hotel

The fish were all over the place down at the Port Vell

Tapas- the smartest meal idea ever. If you want to have cheese, fish, ham, and chicken all in one sitting- no problem! You order several small plates to share, and there you have it. All the best tastes in one. Love it!

Making our way through La Boqueria, one of the more popular public markets off La Rambla

We went back several times- here is Greg making our first visit to one of the nuts and chocolate stands. Needless to say- we were regulars by the end of our trip!

Taking a cable car up to Montjuic...

...the views on the way up were spectacular...

...and even better from the castle at the top!

Conquering my fear of huge flocks of birds at the Pla├ža Catalunya

La Sagrada Familia, a work by Gaudi that is still very much in progress

The sunsetting over the streets of Barcelona- the colors are so vivid it is truly unreal

And finally, piecing together one of our last meals in Barcelona from the selection at La Boqueria. So fun!


markessaxo said...

Love reading of your many adventures abroad but miss you lots here at home! Hope you are back soon, I miss you! xoxo

Simply Modern Weddings said...

Looks like you both are having lots of FUN!! That food looks so yummy. OMG, you and James with the flock of birds, he did that in Venice. :-)

erwinwijanto said...

OMG Europe..... Looks like you had a blast.. You made me Jelous want to go there :) ~erwin

Dirk said...

Looks like you had a swell trip! I'm envious. =[