Sunday, January 25, 2009

As Seen In...Ceremony Magazine- Orange County

I have quite a few pictures from last year that go down in my book as all time favorites. Pictures that no matter how much time passes, or however many weddings I am blessed to be a part of, will still go down in my book as classic. You can imagine how pleased I was to see one of these show up in the latest edition of Ceremony Magazine- Orange County. I was just absentmindedly flipping through the pages when out it popped! I'm sure you'll remember this adorable shot Jim Kennedy captured from Sara and Shane's wedding at Rancho Las Lomas...

Yes, she is taking a moment to dig for gold as she makes her way down the aisle. Precious!

Be sure and check out Ceremony Magazine for lots of inspiration- the Los Angeles and San Diego editions are fabulous as well!

In other news, I am headed down to San Diego tomorrow (Monday) to take part in 'The Special Event 2009'!!! So excited to experience everything it has to offer and come back later in the week with all sorts of ideas, inspiration, and knowledge. And rumor has it I get to meet up with some of my very favorite colleagues for a 'Planner's Night Out'- woohoo! Can't wait:)

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Sara Shafer said...

I have not stopped cracking up since I saw this! At least my wedding will be forever remembered for something!!! I LOVE IT!! It really was such a classic moment!! Too funny!