Thursday, January 29, 2009

M + A, St. John's Cathedral, Los Angeles and Marvimon

I could not have imagined a more spectacular way to kick-off 2009. These two instantly felt like old friends to me- and being surrounded by their deep and soulful love on their wedding day was an absolute blessing. Beyond that, they have a whole team of amazing family and friends that care beyond words can express, which was touching and inspiring all at once. To top these things off (as if that were even possible?!?) their stylish and unique aesthetic made for a one-of-a-kind day with their names written all over it. Crissy of Christine Farah Photography was the perfect choice to document the day, and here is how she saw it through her lense:

Holly Flora seriously blew my mind with the gorgeousness that is her floral design artistry. Love. Her.

No, you're not seeing double- A has a twin. I loved seeing the two of them interact. They play off each other so well- I was cracking up most of the day. So funny!

Wow. Just wow!

I heart Marvimon to bits and pieces. And Holly. Did I say that already?

A special thanks to the following fabulous team:

Christine Farah Photography
Jeff and Loop with TACT (they manage Marvimon, and do an absolutely splendid job of it I might add!)
Onil, Judith, and the team at Elements Kitchen
Holly Flora
Katie with Beauty and the Beach
Melissa Kahn, who created the lovely cakes
Vishal Solanki
Vasken with Heartbeat Disc Jockey
Vartan, Lighting Designer
AA Valet
Jose Tanaka
St. John's Cathedral


Charming Events said...

Lovely wedding! Can't wait to hear how TSE was!

Bonnie Tsang said...

My gosh, you've created some of the most amazing weddings I've seen!

Platinum Weddings by Kerrie said...

Hi Bonnie! I wish I could take credit for planning this wedding, but M + A put all the details together themselves and brought me on as their Wedding Coordinator to ensure the day was flawless. Thanks for the sweet words though:)