Saturday, February 2, 2008

Green Marries Pink

I just love the tag line "Green marries pink" that the team at the Green Event Studio came up with for their launch party last Thursday, held at their brand spankin' new location in Anaheim. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the honor of working with two amazing and inspiring women: Christine Saunders of The Spiraled Stem, and Maria Foscari of Foscari Events and Catering, to help coordinate the details of their launch party to benefit Brides Against Breast Cancer. The event was a huge success, to say the least. We had a slew of amazing sponsors on-board, and several of OC's most talented photographers there to capture the evening. Here are some of the pictures I snapped of the setup (more pics from actual pros to follow as I get my hands on them):

All afternoon, we were surrounded by gorgeous Veriflora certified flowers

The Spiraled Stem design team worked wonders to put together incredible centerpieces

We set up a display table with place settings for each of the members of 'The Green Team'. Gorgeous, huh?

The best part about weddings and special events, is seeing the 'before' and 'after' pictures; it really puts the impact of all the decor elements combined, into perspective. Here is my 'before' shot of the main room of the studio:

And, from Christine Farah Photography, my first glimpse of the 'after' as captured by a pro:

Be sure to check out Crissy's blog for more gorgeous photos, along with a wonderful explanation of what the night was all about. She summed it up perfectly- so be sure and take a look!

I can't resist posting one last pic sent to me from the lovely Kristi Klemens of KLK Photography. I don't think she expected me to actually put this up for the world to see, as it was a random photo taken while testing out one of her lenses- but it captured my silly side (believe it or not there is one!) perfectly:


Amanda Auer said...

So nice to meet you on Thursday! Looking forward to lunch in a quieter, less hectic setting! :)

nita said...

hi! i know im soo sad! I saw a knottie post that is your client!!! shes getting married at RLL!!!! Yaya!

Michael Norwood said...

I love the last pic! It was so great to finally meet you Sunday!

Jonilyn said...

I love that pic of you... you're so cute :)

henny said...

That table setting was beautiful! It was such a great event, wasn't it? And I love your silly picture! So cute! It was so good to meet you too that night. I hope to work with you sometime soon.