Monday, February 11, 2008

Matchmaker, matchmaker

Being a Wedding Planner is so many things; I tried to write down all the duties it entails and skills it requires at one point, and I gave up after #100. One duty I definitely neglected to note on my list though was that of matchmaker. It takes finesse and intuition to be able to pair up happy couples with wedding professionals that are going to enhance their day and add to the experience- not all vendors are for every couple. For example, every photographer (at least every photographer I know!) has a unique style and sense about them, that appeals to a certain clientele. It is my goal to get to know my clients so that I can recommend vendors based not just on their budget, but their personalities as well.

It makes me giddy with happiness when I know I have hit the nail on the head introducing couples to certain wedding professionals, and they instantly connect. This happened recently with two of my favorite soon-to-be-weds Rachael and Rob (I am helping the lovely couple to plan their June wedding). With a little guidance, they selected Christine Farah Photography for their Big Day.

Naturally, Rachael and Rob loved Crissy from the get-go (she's a hard one not to love!), and it turns out the feeling was mutual. Unbeknownst to me, Crissy brought her ADORABLE little pooch Prince to the Veterinary practice that Rachael and Rob own, for Rob to perform surgery on the little guy. Now that is what I call a great match! Not only have Rachael and Rob found a fabulous photographer for their wedding, but Prince has found a place where he is well taken care of (and Crissy is a happy mama)!

Here is a picture Crissy took of the awesome Dr. Rob, Prince's 'Guardian Angel' (as Crissy coined him):

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