Sunday, February 10, 2008

Venue spotlight: The OC Pavilion

I had the pleasure of visiting the OC Pavilion last week to meet with the venue's fabulous Event Coordinator, Kelly. She is trying to get the word out on the location as a wedding venue, and boy, am I glad she contacted me! The OC Pavilion is incredible- described on their website as "A venue second to none", I was blown away by the array of options to choose from for wedding receptions (and even ceremonies!). Ambrosia, the on-site restaurant, alone has four private dining rooms in addition to the main dining room; each with its own unique feel. This venue would be so fantastic for an Old Hollywood themed wedding, or just a couple that really loves the classic ambiance and feel of an actual theatre. Here are some pictures I took and found on the web to give you an idea of the look of the OC Pavilion:

The "Cigar Room"

The "Wine Room"

The "Champagne Room"

Isn't this chandelier incredible?

The actual Pavilion; it would be fun to do dinner at Ambrosia, then bring guests to the Pavilion for a live band and dancing

Or- you could do the band and dancing in the downstairs "VIP Lounge"

The location used to be a bank; you can see remnants of this fact, such as downstairs in "the Vault". The actual bank vault doors are still there!

Inside "the Vault" is a cozy lounge with several flat screen TV's

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