Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gotta love those ABC-OC meetings!

Last night I attended the monthly ABC-OC mixer over at the Westin South Coast Plaza. The events are always such a good time to catch up with friends in the industry, as well as make new acquaintances. It's also great to take in the decor as the ABC always does a good job of showcasing fun new trends and ideas in flowers and color schemes. Here are a few pictures I snapped last night, taken on my spankin' new IPhone (definitely developing a love/hate relationship with it; I now have constant access to e-mail. See my earlier post for why that is not necessarily a thing for me):

Lighting by Atmosphere Entertainment

Linens by Fusion Linens

Unfortunately, I didn't catch who the gorgeous flowers were by (if anyone knows, feel free to pass their name along)

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Lucia @ D*LSH Design said...

ohhh... you have really convinced me to join abc. how do i join?