Friday, April 25, 2008

Looking for some wedding bling?

I am always so envious when I watch the Oscars and Emmys and see all the stars decked out in their oodles and oodles of glamorous bling. To me, it doesn't seem fair that they should be the only ones to have all the fun. Every woman should have the luxury of feeling like a star, especially on her wedding day! Well I have some great news; now this is all possible with the introduction of Adorn Brides.

Nadine, (one of the adorable team members over at the company) recently got in touch to let me know about their splendid service of renting luxurious jewelry to Brides for their Big Day. She explained, "we offer the 'Harry Winston red carpet experience' for Brides...from a $65,000 necklace to $2,000 earrings, we have a wide variety pieces to fit most styles and most budgets. Pieces rent for anywhere from $90 to $1,500 for the weekend of the wedding, and everything is shipped directly to the Bride's home." How much fun would it be to receive a box filled with gorgeous diamonds, all for you?!? And don't forget to check out their blog for great ideas for your wedding.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from their collection:

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Simply Modern Weddings said...

LOVE it! why do we find all this cool stuff when it's too late to use for our own weddings?!