Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kerrie + George, Private Residence, Tustin

Kerrie and I joked that she was drawn to me because of my name (can you believe it is spelled the exact same way?), but it turned out we had a lot more in common than just our names. We even drive the exact same car- color and everything! Kerrie and George planned an extremely personal wedding that was held at her grandparents beautiful home- the same home that she spent hours playing in the backyard as a child. I knew this was going to be a day filled with happiness and meaning for all involved, and Kerrie did a wonderful job including tons of personal touches throughout. I truly felt like a member of the family by the end of the day! For your viewing pleasure, some pictures from the day:

Kerrie made all of her own centerpieces- so simple and chic!

One of the layers of the cake from Sweet Gems was red velvet- to die for!

Sweet Gems also made an amazing groom's cake for George that looked like his jersey from when he trained for the Mexico track and field Olympic team

Kerrie was all smiles the whole day

Kerrie's grandpa, who owned the house where the wedding was held, walked her down he aisle. There was not a dry eye to be seen!

The fabulous Janice Bryant officiated

Kerrie's dad, Napoleon, serenaded the couple during the reception

Champagne bucket- or vase- you decide:)

Guests had a blast filling their favor bags at the candy bar

A special thanks to the following fabulous team:

Elissa with The Pros, Photographer
Jay's Catering
Sweet Gems

Bouquets by Tropical Blossoms
Jance Bryant, Officiant

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