Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If the shoe fits

Well, you know how that one goes! One of my favorite past times is to indulge in trend and fashion 'research' (Read: Get my shopping fix by browsing on-line stores. Satisfies the craving, and 9 times out of 10 I shutdown my computer without having ran like a madwoman to retrieve my credit card. Ok, maybe 8 times out of 10...). Lately my eyes seem to wander towards all the fun shoes designers are coming up with. I've said it before, that I am a big fan of making a statement with your choice in bridal shoes. Whether you are classy, sassy, or a healthy mix of both, you can certainly find the perfect shoe that conveys your message brilliantly. And of course, I am always on the lookout for a good deal. Here are some shoes that caught my eye today in perusing some of my favorite sites.

For the more conservatively funky (try that for an oxymoron!) consider these 'Lizzy' heels from Kate Spade's website:

Or maybe these Prada Peep toes, from good ole' Bluefly:

For a bold statement, try these feisty pink Kate Spade 'Ignite' heels I found on Bluefly:
Even bolder, you say? Try this Giuseppe Zanotti pair (also a Bluefly find):
And for the blazingly bold, these Kate Spade 'Illude's' (from Bluefly) are sure to do the trick:

The best part about all of the shoes seen above? Every single one of them is on sale (Granted 'sale' is a very subjective term. Think of it this way; it's your Big Day- if you are drooling over a pair of shoes then go ahead and SPLURGE!). Keep in mind when browsing Bluefly, items go fast. If you see it and like it snatch it up because once it's gone- it's gone!

I leave you with one final pair of Brian Atwood's (his 'Jessica' heel), no price tag talk necessary (it would kill the moment). Sigh...

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Jonilyn said...

I love all the funky shoes you posted! It always makes for a great photo-op when a bride wears "non-bridal" shoes. And yes, bluefly items go out fast! I once found the perfect pair for my wedding and of course I hesitated and when I finally decided to buy them.. they were all sold out! Learned my lesson!