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Sound advice (and some blogs to add to your list)

I typically start my work day checking out my bookmarked blogs to see what is new in the wedding world. Of course my list includes the usual suspects of favorite photographers and vendors I like to work with. But lately I have been adding blogs that I had no idea were out there, but that I have found to be truly inspirational and chalk-full of great ideas. Of course, I want to pass these on to you! Check out the following blogs for wedding ideas:

  • Style Me Pretty, which is for "the fashion obsessed bride". Their series of wedding inspiration boards are fabulous!
  • The Bride's Guide, from the Editor's of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine ('nuff said!)
  • Something Old, Something New, the blog from the owner of KenzieKate Invitations. She has impeccable wedding style (along with adorable invitations).
Along with my blog-stalking, I also peruse some of the more well-known wedding planning websites to draw creative inspiration from the articles and photos they contain. Recently I came across a wonderful article on Bride and Bloom's website that I wanted to pass along. Read on...

Feeling Stressed? A coordinator can help
Your team may have any collection of players: your mother, best friend, your “maids” and at times even the groom (although often reluctant). With such resources, what is the wisdom of hiring a professional to help accomplish your event? The answers are many and varied.

Some brides have a detailed vision of their wedding day and revel at the opportunity to make it a reality. While this is often an excellent starting point, an experienced wedding coordinator can save you time and make certain you avoid costly mistakes by pairing you with the right vendor and paying close attention to every element of planning. Even though this may not be your first foray into organizing a big event, remember that your planner has done it dozens, if not hundreds, of times before. At times she (or he) will be masterful at editing or embellishing your vision with suggestions based on resources and experience, while maintaining a focus on your personal wishes.

It’s easy for any bride-to-be to feel overwhelmed to some degree. While the decisions may appear endless, there is a finite amount of work to do. Collaborating with a professional will help to keep you focused, on target and smiling – making the project a comfortable, stress-free process. On your wedding day you’ll be free to experience the joy of each moment, wrapped in the emotion of the experience without a care for the details, confident that every guest will have a memorable time and that you will have no regrets.

Would you like to have a chimpanzee in Bermuda shorts that’s trained to kiss all the female guests at the door? Transportation in a classic car? A white dance floor? Exotic entertainment or decor? Your consultant will be able to connect you with any element you can dream of.

The wedding singer notifies you a week before your event that she’ll be touring with Andrea Bocelli. Your officiant calls to say he’s schedule for bypass surgery. Now what? Last minute replacements are available through an established network.

A boutonniere breaks. Your carefully planned structure collapses just before the ceremony begins. The bustle on your dress fails. Jewelry mishaps. A glass of wine spilled on the maid of honor’s dress. A blister from your shoe. A breath mint required or static cling problem? Items from an emergency bag your consultant has at hand will solve these problems.

Your band leader wants to take scheduled breaks that interrupt the flow of the reception. The banquet captain wasn’t present at the planning meeting and will not honor the fire marshal’s approval of your candle lighting. A guest isn’t included in the seating plan.

The above are a few of the real issues that occur but will never be presented to you when you have a good problem-solver at the helm. Peace of mind provided by a professional consultant is any bride’s greatest asset.

Here are a few things that your wedding coordinator should be doing for you:

Rather than interviewing multiple candidates in each vendor category, your consultant, after reviewing your requirements, can provide you with a short list of reputable professionals.

Bridal magazines typically suggest a percentage when considering how much to spend on each category. Your consultant can focus your financial considerations on the items which are most or least important to you and suggest ways to save within those parameters.

Some vendors may offer a referral commission which may be passed onto the client, can negotiate a better price on a block of rooms or transportation fees, etc.

While you may be thrilled to be planning Your Big Day, this is likely your first foray into event planning, while your consultant has the experience of dozens or more experiences to call upon. You can rest assured that details you might never imagine will be managed successfully.

If there is any unique touch you can imagine to embellish your event, your consultant has the networking capability to lead you in the right direction. If you’re dealing with destination issues for yourself or your guests, professional contacts are at your disposal.

Overseeing your rehearsal so all the participants are confident of their roles for the ceremony; managing family relationships which are at times complex; handling every detail so you, your mother, groom and best friends are guests at the event and not burdened with any responsibilities, thereby allowing everyone to enjoy each precious moment – these are the primary goals of your consultant. Can you imagine doing it without that person at your side?

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