Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Venue spotlight: Ebell Club, Long Beach

I fell in love with this venue after viewing some pictures from a wedding held there on Sarah K. Chen's blog (my favorite of these photos is the last of the series below). It is such a unique spot, with its dramatic architecture and abundant history. The location's website says: "The Ebell Club is located in the heart of Long Beach. Intimate, romantic, or grand style weddings in an extraordinary historic setting". Roaming around the venue really takes you back to a time of elegance and lavishness. There are so many details and one-of-a-kind areas, that it makes for truly fantastic pictures as well! And the Bride's room is just adorable. Visit the Ebell Club's website to view a detailed photo gallery and read up on the history of the location. I found a few photos to give you a taste of the venue:

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nita said...

omg Kerrie! My sister is previewing the Ebell in LB on Sat. She has her heart set on that place. I'm crossing my fingers that its everything that she wants! I'm falling in love with that place from all the wedding blogs!